Hy-Vee has had an exceptional relationship with Community Connection Media.  Customer care is a top priority and our rep has provided above and beyond service.  We would highly recommend this company to other local businesses looking to grow their sales in Rochester.

Sarah Thacker, Marketing Coordinator, Hy-Vee

Thank you so much for being a significant and essential advertiser this year. So many participants noted they had seen our race advertised in your Clear Pack. What a great way to spread the word and connect with everyone in our SE area!! Often a race is defined by their marketing creativity and reach. I know there were many who registered because of your outreach marketing. I can’t believe how easy it was to submit our information and our desired outcome for the card. Your graphics department took our words and photos and made it into an incredible message with great results. We were so very happy and proud of the result. Simply stated, without the commitment and generosity of Community Connection Media it would have been absolutely impossible to implement the Healthy Human Race. Thank you so very much!

Lin Gentling, Race Director, Healthy Human Race

The Community Connection Media team is great to work with – always patient, friendly, and talented. I have been extremely impressed with the superb design that they produce each time for the Andy’s Liquor cards.

Sheila Thoma, Andy’s Liquor Director of Marketing

Andy’s Liquor has experienced incredible exposure of our items that we promote through the Clear Pack. It is not uncommon for customers to have one in their hand when they are shopping with us. Great return on the investment!

Mike Sedor, Andy’s Liquor Regional Manager

Nick Ferraro and his team at Community Connection Media are so easy to work with! They took my ideas and created a card that not only had great design elements but was also very effective. The turnout for our event was without a doubt positively impacted by the targeted reach of the Clear Pack.

Paws and Claws